Author Interview: Casie Lynn Fowler

Tell us something about your book.

Five One and a Half: The Origin Story, is the first installment of the Five One and A Half series! (Book Two will be coming out in 2021). This installment is the origin story of the protagonist, Reagan. The reader will journey with this character, as she learns her destiny and place in a Great War of Good vs. evil.

Who is the ideal reader for your book?

Anyone and everyone can read this series. I have geared it towards young adults (the first installment), so that the reader can grow with the series.

Share the best critique/review of your book.

What inspired you to write it?

I am a single mother, and watching/reading some of the material made me feel like I wanted to create something wholesome. If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t have even thought about this project, let alone complete it.

What message would you like readers to take away from your book?

I want readers to feel more confident after reading this and have a better relationship with their families and God. I hope that the series inspires someone to create something else, that will in turn, inspire someone else.

The book is free on Kindle unlimited and the beginning of the book can be read on amazon – Five One and A Half: The Origin Story by Casie Lynn Fowler

Did you dare to believe that your book will be published when you started writing?

Not at all! But I did have faith. My goal was only to inspire one person, and have this installment as a project for myself and my daughter.

Was the process of looking for an agent/publisher discouraging?

Not at all! I received a few “ready to go,” but was convinced by mentors to self-publish. So I studied to be able to successfully do so.

How long did you write the first draft? And how long did the editing and re-editing take?

Total, from the beginning to the end of the first draft was about 1 year. Writing out the entire series outline, editing, formatting, illustrating, learning how to self-publish, etc, took about another year.

Can you share your writing rituals/habits/process?

I enjoy writing most at night, when I am most creative.

Who was your first literary crush?

Hmmmm… I wouldn’t say that I had one.

Did you imagine yourself as an author in your teens?

Maybe 🙂

What was the first book that made you fall in love with reading?

White Fang -Jack London

Did a book ever make you cry? (Which one?)

YES! Most of them!

Do you sing under the shower? Or to your plants?

“In the shower”. -Yes, yes I do 😉

Do you like to cook? What is your specialty?

YES!!!! I am an amazing cook!! I love my crab imperial and my chicken parm (I’m Italian :))

Do you have a pet?

More than one! Including my Great Danes 🙂

What is the most romantic thing you ever did?

Threw an amazing surprise party, wrote a love letter…

What is the most romantic thing someone did for you?

Took me to a New York trip to see my favorite band, took me to a bed and breakfast (long story lol)

Do you believe in love?


Instagram @Casie Fowler

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