Author Interview: PD Alleva

Tell us something about your book. The Rose Vol 1 is the first installment in what will be at least an eight book dystopian science fiction series. The first installment begins immediately after the end of World War 3 and follows the protagonist Sandy Cox who is rescued from the safety camp by a mysteriousContinue reading “Author Interview: PD Alleva”

Author Interview: Zachary Pieper

Tell us something about your book. It’s my debut novel, and a reflection of myself. If you read my book, you will, to one degree or another, know me as a person. So if you like wily, chaotic good, hopeless romantics, you’re gonna love my protagonist. Who is the ideal reader for your book? LoversContinue reading “Author Interview: Zachary Pieper”

Author Interview: Leslie Swartz

Tell us something about your book. The Seventh Day Series is seven books of rowdy angels, vampires, witches, and Lucifer fighting monsters and preventing one Apocalypse after another. Really, though, it’s a story of found-family, complex relationships, trauma, and redemption. It’s character-driven, dark, funny, and chock-full of twists. Who is the ideal reader for yourContinue reading “Author Interview: Leslie Swartz”

Author Interview: Cully Mack

Tell us something about your book. A Voice That Thunders is the first book in the thrilling epic fantasy Voice that Thunder series. Siblings, Mirah and Gabe, along with a band of rebels are fighting against immortals conquering their realm. The world and mythology is influenced by Mesopotamian myths. Think epic battles with Immortals andContinue reading “Author Interview: Cully Mack”

Author Interview: Ryan D. Meier

Tell us something about your book.             It’s fun epic fantasy. I wrote Shadows of Creation to be a fast-paced adventure with a mix of mystery, flawed heroes, and an ultimate evil. Who is the ideal reader for your book?             Shadows is appropriate for both the adult and young adult, and I can comfortablyContinue reading “Author Interview: Ryan D. Meier”

Author Interview: Tom James

Tell us something about your book. It’s part love letter to being child-free, but it’s largely concerned with my belief that society is child-obsessed. That parents come first in the social strata, that somehow popping a child out (or even less in the male’s case) elevates you to a position of wisdom. It questions someContinue reading “Author Interview: Tom James”

Author Interview: Madilynn Dale

Tell us something about your book. Releasing Her Power Within is the first book in the Fae Shifters series. It follows Liz as she takes a leap of faith to change up her life. She is tired of being overworked and has struggled with her mother’s death. She moves into her family’s cabin to pursueContinue reading “Author Interview: Madilynn Dale”

Author Interview: Nikki Nelson Hicks

Tell us something about your book. The Jake Istenhegyi: The Accidental Detective series is an arc of six stories that follow our bemused hero as he goes deeper and deeper down a terrifying labyrinth of mystery and magic. It is set in New Orleans in the 1930’s. The first story, A Chick, a Witch, andContinue reading “Author Interview: Nikki Nelson Hicks”

Author Interview: John B. Rosenman

Tell us something about your book. Inspector of the Cross is the first novel of a six book series, and it features an unusual hero. Thanks to suspended animation, Turtan is over 3500 years old and travels on freeze ships to distant worlds.  His mission is to investigate weapons that might help humanity turn theContinue reading “Author Interview: John B. Rosenman”

Author Interview: Brand J. Alexander

Tell us something about your book. Rise of Tears, book one of the Tears of Hatsunae series, is the beginning of more than just the series. It begins my entire literary universe. The prologue of the book is the literal genesis of my universe and every world that comes after. When I was going throughContinue reading “Author Interview: Brand J. Alexander”