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An editorial analysis that provides valuable constructive insights to improve your manuscript.

A constructive analysis is a central element in the development of any writer. Every author deserves and needs an honest analysis before submitting to a publisher. Our professional editor with over ten years of experience and countless books under his belt will analyze the overall concept of your manuscript, how well the idea is executed, and much more. Also, we will evaluate the basics of prose fiction: narration, plot, setting, point of view, characters, style, theme, etc. However, we work only with fiction: novels, novellas, and short story collections.

Delivered in: 30 days.


For professional book trailers, you can contact our young multi-talented director from London Film School and published author of three Serbian teenage bestsellers Decision, Pixie, and Journey on First Sight, which will be translated into English too. (Interestingly, she wrote those books as a fifteen-year-old.)


Since we are a one-girl and one-guy team, sometimes we don’t manage to post every day, especially when the 3D-s (damn dreadful deadlines) sneak up on us. However, we post interesting reading stuff and share calls for submissions from publishers on our Facebook page daily. Soon, we will have giveaways there too, so don’t forget to follow us. And have fun!

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