Untold Stories of the Little Prince by Nikola Misovic

I wasn’t sure about the Untold Stories of the Little Prince by Nikola Misovic when I first heard about it. I mean, don’t mess with The Little Prince!

However, my doubts that it is a pastiche proved unfounded. It blew my mind. My ex’s eight-year-old daughter loved it even more than I did. Even my ex said, “Hey, I enjoyed this.” And that is rare.

Anyway, The Little Prince wakes in the desert since the snake poison didn’t send him home. And a new adventure begins. The Little Prince travels through a forest and meets a turtle racing a hare – with an unexpected twist, a sheep pretending to be a wolf – just wait to hear her reasoning!, a hedgehog who cries because nobody can hug him – adorable! A lonely wolf, angry bears, resigned beavers, a wise buffalo, a grasshopper who yearns to fly… every animal has a problem that causes sadness and a craving for something destiny denied it. Even the flame and the flower living in a crack. These encounters provide insightful, original answers to some universal life troubles.

“Even the Earth can be the sky if you know how to fly.”

“Not every pain is from flesh and bone. The greatest suffering comes from being broken within.”

More than half of the book deserves to be quoted so I will stop here and conclude that adults will enjoy this sweet and touching short story as much as children.


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