Get inspired by Jack London

The Call of the Wild made London the highest-paid writer of his time. However, he is also the writer with probably the most rejections in history: as much as 664 in the first five years of writing. Jack impaled every rejection letter on a spindle in his room. The column of paper soon rose to a height of four feet. Of course, a few, or 600, rejections weren’t enough to discourage the man who spent almost a year in the Klondike and had many more adventures before he even turned twenty-two.

Jack was a very prolific writer. “On occasion, I composed steadily, day after day, for fifteen hours a day,” he explained. “At times, I forgot to eat or refused to tear myself away from my passionate outpouring in order to eat.”

It looks like Jack London is the perfect writer to turn to when you need a little push to carry on writing or if you are despairing because of a rejection or unanswered email.

“I am a believer in regular work, and never wait for inspiration. Temperamentally, I am not only careless and irregular, but melancholy; still, I have fought both down. The discipline I had as a sailor had a full effect on me. Perhaps my old sea days are also responsible for the regularity and limitations of my life. Five and a half hours of sleep is the precise average I allow myself, and no circumstance has yet arisen in my life that can keep me awake when the time comes to turn in.”

Well, not sure if I could be productive with so little sleep, but I agree that an author must not wait for inspiration because he may waste time in vain for years. Just start writing. It may be awful in the beginning, but after twenty-thirty minutes, be ready for a pleasant surprise!

“Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light out after it with a club, and if you don’t get it, you will nonetheless get something that looks remarkably like it.”

Exactly. I wrote some of my best stories without being able to muster the I of inspiration, and they turned out great. After the second draft, of course. But still great.

So, listen to the author who inspires with his example and keep writing and sending submissions.

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