Author interview: Susan Parker Rosen

Tell us something about your book.

We have a series of books, but one of our upcoming books is The Many Faces of Covid-19 a collaborative effort of short stories on the subject of the Pandemic.  We have a team of bright, disabled women all who spend their time scouting for writers and helping us publish the publications. Currently we have approximately 25 interested writers for this publication and are looking for additional content. Perhaps you want to be a part of what we are doing at Invisible Publications?!

Who is the ideal reader for your book?

Anyone who is interested in other’s experiences during the Pandemic.

What inspired you to write it?

Four years ago, I started the first book, “The Many Faces of Fibro”. It was a collection of short stories written by acutal patients. Since then, we have published 5 books and have another 2 in the pipeline besides this one.

What message would you like readers to take away from your book?

We want writers! If you would like to be published at no cost and would like to write about your experiences with Covid-19, please let us know. You do not have to be a patient to write for this title.

Did you dare to believe that your book will be published when you started writing? Yes, as I now have people committed to the project, I certainly do not want to let them down.

How long did you write the first draft? And how long did the editing and re-editing take?

The longest part of the process was collecting the various writers and their stories. After the collection proecess it took about 3 months to complete the publishing.

We are always looking for new writers and stories. It’s exciting!

Who was your first literary crush?

Haha! I loved Black Beauty was I was a young child.

Did you imagine yourself as an author in your teens?


What was the first book that made you fall in love with reading?

Again, Black Beauty!

Did a book ever make you cry? (Which one?)


Which literary character was your idol when you were a teen?

Nancy Drew…ha!

Fun facts:

My Pug is my best friend, and my newest partner in crime is my kitten Mr Misty.

I also ran a library out of my parents outdoor shed at age 13. Ha!

Cooking is one the most favorite pastimes but with my disability (fibromyalgia) pain keeps me from being able to do that as often as I’d like. Growing my own herbs and using them in the culinary dishes is fun and rewarding.

Love is the most powerful emotion in the world and yes, I do believe in those wonderful and sometimes painful,  human feelings.

At age 60, I started writingwhen in a dream, my favorite aunt spoke to me from beyond and told me to start with a blank piece of paper.

Besides writing and running Invisible Publications, Susan runs an airbnb and watches dogs for a living out of her home in a small historic town in the Eastern Shore of  Maryland.

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