Facebook marketing

Don’t wait to get your book published before thinking about marketing. You should start marketing as soon as you start writing! Today, it is necessary to have a network of followers before the book gets out.

One way of marketing is by using Facebook groups. Join a few and get the hang of them. Introduce yourself with a short post. It would be better to skip the usual: Hi, I am Jane/John from London/Rome. I am a book-lover and aspiring author… Instead, it would be cool to write a catchy introduction. Use your imagination – you are a writer, after all!

Engage. Share something book-related every few days, even every day if you have the time. Like other members’ posts and comment on them. Share book recommendations, give your opinion about posted books. If someone posts something about a book you hate, refrain from saying that it is the worst book on Earth. You don’t want to be known as someone who shames other people’s taste and badmouthing other authors. There are many other ways to engage.

It is better to choose smaller groups with two to five thousand members than the ones with a massive membership since you want people to get to know you. And when the time comes, post how excited you are because your book is coming out next week. Since the members already know, and hopefully like, you, they will be interested in your book.

If the group allows self-promotion, post a link to your book with a very brief review. Most groups allow authors to promote their books one day a week. Some don’t though, and you will have to be resourceful. Say, if a member asks for a recommendation in that genre, you can comment with a link from Amazon or Goodreads, nobody will kick you out of the group for that. However, don’t be aggressive with the promotion. Even if the group allows self-promo, nobody wants to see the same book recommendation every single day.

You can even ask a few of your book-loving friends to join the groups, engage, and occasionally post a recommendation for your book. But they shouldn’t just post and ghost. Facebook really offers many possibilities. You just have to use them wisely.

Here are a few interesting groups. Please, read their rules and guidelines before posting anything.






And I have to recommend Book Fairy because it is a place where we will present an author a day. No spamming, please. Follow us, send us a message, and we will arrange a day for promoting your work on the page. Nobody cares for aggressive self-promotion, so don’t post links with your work, please. We will introduce each author who sends a message, encourage members to ask questions about your work, and engage with you. We can also offer you an interview on the blog and a review. We also work with publishers, who will post their calls for submissions on the page.


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