The Flip Side by James Bailey

The Flip Side by James Bailey is the first book that I had to describe as cute. Cute, warm, snuggly, and heartwarming like Jeremy the rabbit, the main character’s pet.

Josh loses his girlfriend, his job, and flat in the same night ‒ no less than New Year’s Eve. Desolate, he returns to his parents’ house in a village even god has forgotten. Feeling like a failure, 28-year-old Josh doubts his decision-making abilities and decides to toss a coin whenever faced with a choice. Sure, he hopes to have someone, or rather ‒ something to blame if the decision isn’t good, but also to miraculously find his dream job even though he doesn’t have a clue what that is, the girl of his dreams and, most importantly, himself.

But everything that can go wrong will happen…

James talks about a young man’s search for love in a refreshing and charming way. Although his character sometimes reminds of Hugh Grant, Josh is relatable, kind, funny, and lovable. The side characters ‒ his family and friends ‒ are very vivid and hilarious. James’ humor often dances on the edge of exaggeration, but not once slips on that annoying side.

This is a book that is definitely worth your time. First, it will make you laugh aloud. You will support Josh wholeheartedly and at times cheer or boo like watching a Champions League game. This book will remind you how important family and friends are, even when they are behaving crazy. Yes, we know that, but sometimes we take them for granted. And, last but not least, this book will assure you that, just like punk, love is not dead!

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Fiction, Adult

Describe this book with one word: Heartwarming

The perfect beverage to sip while reading this book: Hot chocolate

This book’s best musical buddy: Bohemian Like You – Dandy Warhols

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