Call for submissions

Bad Dream Entertainment is a small-press publisher of dark fiction, science fiction, horror, and humor. Editor Brett Reistroffer founded it in 2013 as a home for short fiction by new writers. Bad Dream Entertainment focuses on story and character-driven dark fiction. They published some pretty good books like: Laughing at Shadows, a collection of dark humor edited by Brett Reistroffer; The Ethereal Transit Society by Thomas Vaughn, a cosmic horror featuring cults and UFOs; Dark Little Dreams, an anthology of dark fiction edited by Brett Reistroffer; USU by Jayde Ver Elst, a heartwarming sci-fi comedy adventure about a stuffed bunny, his android girl, and the apocalypse…

If you write “Gothic stories with weird fiction elements”, then maybe you should submit your work to Bad Dream Entertainment. Here is what they say about the criteria, “This umbrella covers a broad range of themes, styles, and subjects as long as it feels decidedly Gothic, especially with strong horror elements (this is Bad Dream Entertainment, after all, not Mild Dream Entertainment). Shelley meets Cronenberg, Radcliffe meets Lovecraft, Poe meets Kafka, Stoker meets VanderMeer. Bizarro, New Weird, Cosmic Horror, and every other sub genre that embraces the strange are welcome. The setting can be period, present, near-future, futuristic, or something else entirely.”

They are looking for novel and novella-length manuscripts, at least 24k words long, but not long enough for a series.

Bad Dream Entertainment asks writers to read the guidelines before submitting their work. Manuscripts that don’t meet the criteria won’t be considered. PDF format will be auto-deleted. Read the guidelines here:

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